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Marnix Emanuel


The first song written by Marnix was : "Het Aller Grootste Hart". This song brought him right to the finals of the Junior Song Festival in The Netherlands. "Het Aller Grootste Hart" was produced by lead singer Pascal Jocobsen of the Dutch band BLOF. Since then Marnix Emanuel kept on writing songs, showing an extrodinary talent to match his music with words. Because Marnix did hardly watch any TV or listen to radio's when he was young, he was able to develop his own style. Free as a bird, a wide range of songs from Rock to Pop to Ballads with Jazz influences were created. Marnix writes all his songs together with his the lycric writer Maryse Moerel, who truly understands the depths of his being and the way Marnix Emanuel is thinking, feeling and acting. This symbiosis has been going on since Marnix was born. No teacher could ever make Marnix understand mathematics, but a few lessons with his mother were enough to pass mathematics with straight A's. Marnix usually has some nice licks and rough ideas for a dozen songs. Together Marnix and Maryse select the song that suits them best in that particular moment. They check their ideas about the subject of the song and start looking for the intro and the first verse. Songs develop in a natural and organic way. Marnix constantly suggests different music lines till they find the right line together. Maryse suggets lyrics till they find together the words that work best. Most songs are written back to front within 3 hours. Later at the production fase, Marnix decides on the final format of the song, sometimes adding a guitar or piano solo or writing a different intro or end to the song.Marnix Emanuel also writes all the arrangements for the drums, bass, choir, lead voice, piano and guitar. Marnix is recording and producing his songs mostly in "The Golden Love Music Studio Amsterdam", The Netherlands.



Why it comes ... I don't know * but it always comes around when it goes * is it in my genes? or is it addiction?

is it in me for the better of the good? * does not matter ... what I try * seams there are no reasons why

I need more than what is mine * what I'm breathing... suffocation * breaking out of my perfect situation

no forgiveness.... I am acting knowingly...consciously.... ru...ning....WILD

(From the song "Running Wild")