Marnix Emanuel


Marnix Emanuel plays the piano since the age of six. He got his first lessons from the self- made artist Tony Chapman. At that age he would hide himself when the teacher came. But Tony, being patient and kind to little Marnix, taught him some popular songs so the kid could sing and play and be happy. At ten years Marnix Emanuel joined The Music School of Amsterdam where jazz pianist Orjan Graafmans took him under his wings. After joining the young talent class for jazz musicians at The Conservatorium Amsterdam from twelve till seventeen, Orjan stayed his teacher at The Conservatorium. Here Marnix Emanuel founded his jazz skills. At seventeen Marnix Emanuel got admitted to The Codarts Conservatorium in Rotterdam where Berthil Bustra and Ronald Kool were his teachers. Although educated in jazz till seventeen, his true hart lies in pop and rock music. Some pianists that inspired him are: Bill Evans, Keith Jarrath and Oscar Peterson. Marnix Emanuel writes most of his songs on guitar, but some of his most beautiful ballads are written on the piano.