Marnix Emanuel


Marnix Emanuel started with guitar lessons at the age of seven. When he was twelve, Marnix joined The Young Talent Jazz Class of The Conservatorium in Amsterdam. At the age of fifteen Marnix discovered John Mayer and seriously fell in love with 'The Six String Lady'. These days the guitar and piano are glued to his fingers. At the age of seventeen Marnix got a full tuition scholarship for Berklee College of Music in Boston U.S.A. Here he put all his savings together and came back with a Fender John Mayer Signature. He played this guitar like a mad man, wearing down his guitar frets every 3 months. In this period his dad brought home an accoustic Martin Guitar and in 2014 Marnix finally got his custom made black Gibson. Still he likes to play his first green electric 100 euro guitar. At seventeen Marnix joined the well known pop section of The Codarts Conservatorium in Rotterdam. He graduated at The Conservatorium on guitar in June 2015 when he just turned 21.

Marnix is working on his sound and writing and producing own songs.

So stay tuned!